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CandyLipssx님의 주요 정보

성적 취향이성애자
신장5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게100 - 120 파운드 [46 - 55 kg]
언어러시아어, 영어
음모털 면도함
가슴큰 사이즈
나를 흥분 시키는 것
when man has braines and horny eyes
내 소개
I am cute and interesting girl would love to be amazed of interesting man
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
Ruddness and greed

캠으로 우리가 하는 것

My dream is to live in Florence


Favorite music

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19. 1. 31.
Хочешь Моник давай купим тебе новый
19. 1. 25.
beautiful, sexy, sweet lady with whom you are happy to have fun :-*
18. 12. 23.
Космос мой, спасибо, что ты есть на этой Земле, обожаю тебя!
18. 12. 21.
The most beautyfull girl ever!!!
18. 11. 29.
so sweet and so cute.. my heart goes 3 x faster seeing u my lady.. yummie
18. 11. 28.
You wake up all my senses, every time I see your eyes and your body!!! My rate five stars and much girl ever.
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______💋💋💋 💋💋💋
____💋💋💋💋 💋💋💋💋
_____ __💋💋💋💋💋
___________💋 CandyLipssx
18. 11. 3.
Мурашки по коже от этой девушки..очень женственная..шикарное тело..взгляд..губы!
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17. 11. 8.
The most beautiful, Intelligent girl on here... simply stunning